Garrison Boys High School has an experienced and trained faculty, fully equipped to train students to discover their creativity and nature their talents which helps in their overall development.
Professional development is given a lot of emphasis and teachers attend training workshops organized by APSACS, LGES, SPELT etc, to keep refreshing their knowledge of how education is evolving in the world.


1 Farooq Aslam MSc Maths, B. Ed 28 Years  
2 Muhammad Naeem MSc Physics, B.Ed 26 Years
4 Qari Mian Muhammad Shahid M.A Islamiyat 25 Years
5 Ikram Ullah MS Education (Chemistry) 22 Years
7 Muhammad Azam MA English 17 Years
8 Muhammad Shoaib
MA Urdu,Pol Sc, Punjabi, LLB 17 Years
9 Syed Nawaz Shah MA.Urdu ,MA Hist, B.Ed 17 Years
10 Syed Tanveer Hussain Shah MCS 17 Years  
11 Muhammad Imran
MSc Physics 15 Years  
12 Hafiz Shahid Hanif MSc Maths, B. Ed 11 Years
13 Akbar Ali MSc Maths 23 Years
14 Muhammad Farooq
MSc Physics 13 Years
15 Shumaila Asif MA English, ELT 10 Years
16 Rabia Asghar MA English 7 Years
17 Abida Iqbal MSc Bio, B.Ed 6 Years
18 Sughra Jamal MSc Coal Tech, B.Ed 5 Years
19 Saima Gul Naz MSc Chemistry, B.Ed , M.Ed
20 Farwa Batool MSc Chemistry
21 Saif Ur Rehman MA Education (Islamic) 20 Years
22 M. Sohail Yousaf MSc Cptr
23 Amna Iqbal MA Pakistan Studies 05 Years
24 Shazia Qaiser MSc Biology 10 Years
25 Syed Sammar Naqvi MA Urdu 16 Years
26 Sadaf Aziz Msc Maths 07 Years