Schooling never restricts itself to academics, external examinations, A+ grades and board positions. Rather its end product should be an ideal and perfect individual who has the strong basis; intellectually, morally, spiritually and psychologically to meet the challenges of the contemporary world.

I look at schooling to prepare my students for life rather than to prepare them for examinations and results. Accordingly, academics undisputedly remain our mainstay but as a Principal I envision the Garrisonians to have an urge to learn and compete through involvement in guilds, clubs and societies so as to develop and foster oratory, debating, literary creativity, diplomacy, leadership, sports and games; artistic and management skills. The active partaking of every student in one or more of these platforms will produce responsible, agile, confident, hardworking and focused individuals.

GBHS undoubtedly has rich traditions and ample conventions in these domains. My focus is on strengthening and furthering this heritage so that all the units and forums are well co-ordinated to give their optimum efficiency.

I am more than contented to find my students and teachers exhibiting unusual excitement while partaking in co and extra-curricular activities. The same enthusiasm is evident in sports , declamation, dramatics, art and science modelling and contributions to ‘The Garrisonian’, the school magazine, to mention but a few.

COVID’19 has changed the mode of teaching altogether. However, with the cooperation of the parents and students, we have been able to maneuver online teaching successfully. Let us pray that life comes to normal and we resume our physical schooling.


Brigadier Saadat Saeed Bhutta, SI (M), (Retired)